Important places in Gujarat General Knowledge questions and answers

Today we are going to talk about where some of the important places in Gujarat are located and we will try to know about those places.  These questions give Gujarati general knowledge which will be useful for the exam.

This is Most Important GK questions In Gujarati These questions are often asked in the general exam.

  • What is the state anthem of Gujarat?  (Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat)
  •  Where and when was the first postal service started in Gujarat?  Ahmedabad, (19 AD)
  •  By what name are the Negro people settled in Gujarat known?  (Sidi)
  •  On which river in Gujarat is a 100 year old bridge with artistic umbrellas?  (Vishwamitri)
  •  Which saint built the only temple on Lake Kankaria?  (Dada Dayal)
  •  Who was the first Hindi to be elected to the General Assembly of England?  (Dadabhai Navroji)
  •  The Dharoi Dam is built on which river?  (On Sabarmati river)
  •  How old is the Golden Bridge on the river Narmada near Bharuch?  (150 years)
  •  Which Gujarati made the Bollywood film 'Devdas'?  (Sanjay Leela Bhansali)
  •  How long is Gujarat's coastline?  (1660)
  •  Which circle passes through the center of Gujarat (Cancer Circle)
  •  Which is the highest peak of Gujarat?  (Girnar mountain)
  •  Whose sanctuary is Nalsarovar?  (Of migratory birds)
  •  Which place gets maximum rainfall in Gujarat (Dharampur, Valsad)
  •  Gujarat is connected to how many other states by land?  (Three)
  •  Which famous hill station is located in Dang district (Saputara)
  •  Which is the largest river in Saurashtra?  (Bhadra)
  •  In which district is the Jessore Bear Sanctuary located (Banaskantha)
  •  Which of these sanctuaries in Panchmahal district is famous for its bears?  (Ratanmahal)
  •  Surkhabnagar is formed in which district of Gujarat?  (In Kutch)
  •  Where is the largest planetarium of Gujarat located?  (Vadodara)
  •  Which is the highest (above sea level) place in Gujarat?  (Asthabha 1350 m)
  •  Which of these is a monastery located in Dang district?  (Saputara)
  •  The Tropic of Cancer passes through which two places in Gujarat?  (Pratinj and Himatnagar)
  •  Where in Gujarat is the famous Lake Malawi located?  (Dholka)
  •  Which place is known as Flamingo City in Gujarat?  (Great Desert of Kutch)
  •  In which city of Gujarat is onion grown the most in (Mahuva)
  •  In which district is Kadanabandh located?  (Mahisagar)
  •  Ahwa is the headquarters of which district?(Dang)
  •  Which is the headquarters of Tapi district?  (Vyara)
  •  Bindu Sarovar is located near which river in Gujarat?  (Saraswati)
  •  Where is the largest mass biogas plant located in Gujarat?  (Methan)
  •  Which bird is found only in Kutch in India?  (Flamingo)
  •  In which district is the ancient Teeth Bhadreshwar located?  (Kutch)
  •  Chamunda Mata's temple is located on the hill of (Chotila)
  •  In which city is the famous Watson Museum of Gujarat located? (Rajkot)
  •  Shetrunjay Dungar is located in which district of Gujarat?  (Bhavnagar)
  •  Which is the tallest hill in Gujarat?  (Girnar)
  •  Which is the largest port in Gujarat?  (Saurashtra)
  •  Where is the largest co-operative dairy in Asia located?  (Anand)
  •  Which is the largest producer of groundnut in Gujarat?  (Saurashtra)
  •  Which Gujarat dairy product is internationally acclaimed?  (Amul)
  •  Which river is named after Maa Khodiyar?  (Shetrunji)
  •  In which city is the only international airport of Gujarat located?  (Ahmedabad)
  •  Which place in Gujarat is considered as 'Kashi of Parsis'?  (Udvada)
  •  Wheat grown in Bhaladesh of Gujarat is known as Chasia wheat
  •  Which river is also known as Reva?  (Narmada river)

So here are some of the most important JK questions that are very useful for the exam. Stay connected every day for education related information in addition to McQ and questions The Gujju

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