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Gujarati General Knowledge questions McQ Today discuss In this artical I will show Gujarati GK questions and Answers Total 30 imp General Knowledge questions and Answers Test 

First of all today we are going to look at some of the history and other general knowledge related questions that are IMP for any exam we are going to see in this article today. You can also read the answers with spring. In addition we have included 30 questions in the article.

 Q.1. Who invaded India when they came to      India?

  • Akbar              
  • Minidre                
  • Sikandar
  • Kanishke


 Q.2. Not one of the distinctive features of Indian culture?

  • Unity in diversity
  • Sectarianism
  • Spirituality
  • Tolerance   


 Q.3. Hyderabad is world famous for its enamel of which color?

  • Pink 
  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Green


 Q.4. Who wrote Sangeet Parijat Granth? 

  • Pandit ahoble
  • Pandit narad
  • Pandit Sarangdev 
  • Pandit Bharat Muni

Pandit ahoble

 Q.5. Which country had its capital at                      thanjavur?

  • Gupt vansh 
  • Chol vansh 
  • Solanki vansh
  • Pahalv vansh

chol vansh

 Q.6. Duty customs approved by religion and     translations are given in which scripture

  • Ramayan
  • Dharm shastr
  • Smruti Granth
  • Granth Purano

Smruti Granth

 Q.7. Which scripture was composed by the great emperor Krishna Rayadeva?

  • Amukta malyda
  • Astadhyayi
  • Aamukta Krunray
  • Krisn Ray charitr

Amukta malyda

 Q.8 Find and write which one of the following pairs is true ?

  • Shankaracharya - Commentary
  • Panini - Ashtadhyaya
  • Somdev - Shantipuran
  • Bharvi - Kiratar

Somdev - Shantipuran

 Q.9. There are seven continents in the world. In terms of area, the largest continent is _____, 
and the smallest continent is _____.
  • Asia, Antarctica
  • Asia, Australia 
  • Africa, Antarctica
  • Africa, Australia 

Asia, Australia

 Q.10. In terms of population, the largest continent is _____, and the smallest continent is 


  • Asia, Antarctica
  • Asia, Australia 
  • Africa, Antarctica
  • Africa, Australia 

Asia, Antarctica

 Q.11. There are five oceans in the world. The largest ocean is _____, and the smallest ocean is 


  • Atlantic, Antarctic
  • Atlantic, Arctic
  • Pacific, Antarctic 
  • Pacific, Arctic

Pacific, Arctic

 Q.12. United Nations was formed on 24 October _____ in the United States. 

  • 1943
  • 1944
  • 1945
  • 1946


 Q.13. By area, the smallest continent is

  • Australia
  • Antarctica
  • Europe
  • North America


 Q.14. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. It has about _____ islands.

  • 13,000
  • 15,000
  • 17,000
  • 19,000


 Q.15. Other than continents, the largest island in the world is

  • Iceland
  • Greenland
  • Sri Lanka 
  • New Zealand


So here are some General Knowledge questions. Stay connected with us every day for these kinds of questions and educational information. 

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