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Hello friends, today we have brought Gujarati General Knowledge Notes which are about the people of Gujarat and some historical events which will be useful for the upcoming exams.  Today, more than 51 GK questions have been answered with the following.

Gujrati GK questions :

  1. Which periodical was started by Indulal Yajshik in 1917?  ..
  2.  Who started 'Saurashtra' magazine from Ranpur in 1918?
  3.  Name the player who has made Gujarat world famous in the game of Billiards.
  4.  Which notable book of travels was written by the poet Kalapi?
  5.  Who has made a significant contribution to the development of sonnet poetry in Gujarati literature?  ..
  6.  In which of these books is Gandhiji's Swashna Bharat found?  .......
  7.  In which period was the Bhadyakali temple of Ahmedabad, famous all over Gujarat, built?
  8.  The first Xmas Highway no.  1 Which two cities were opened to age?
  9.  Who is credited with the creation and development of Asia's largest civil hospital?
  10.  Which actor has acted in most Gujarati historical films?
  11.  Which city of Gujarat produces 90% of the total artificial seals in India?
  12.  Which Gujarati was honored to be the Chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna)?  ......
  13.  Which Gujarati has rendered invaluable service as the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations?  ..
  14.  Which Gujarati scientist had a special influence on former President of India A, P, J, Abdul Kalam?
  15.  Which Gujarat player won the Junior National title in Table Tennis for the first time?  ..
  16.  Which player of Gujarati origin played in the England cricket team as the opening batsman?  ..........
  17.  Who won the 30 km race at the National Interstate Athletics Championships in 2006?
  18.  Who is the first Gujarati to climb the Nanda Devi peak in the Himalayas?  .....:.
  19.  Which player from Saurashtra scored a double century in two consecutive Ranji Trophy matches in the year 2009?
  20.  In which city stadium did India record the highest score of 215 in ODI cricket?  ......
  21.  Who is the first player from Gujarat to win the Arjuna Award for his outstanding performance in shooting?
  22.  Which player from Gujarat was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for the year 2009?  ...........
  23.  Name the literary genre of the book 'Joy of Life' and 'Joy of Wandering' written by Kakasaheb Kalelkar.
  24.  Who was the editor-in-chief of 'Sarth' which is considered as the basic source for spelling in Gujarati language?
  25.  The ancient Indian cultural heritage and its great splendor is depicted in which of these 'Darshak'?
  26.  In which of these books by Zaverchand Meghani does Rahishankar Maharaj appear as a mute servant?  .
  27.  "There were many friends among the Pail tourists, I don't know who attacked them" - who is the secret of the ghazal!  ......
  28.  What is the name of the Mobile Hospital Project for Diagnosis and Early Treatment of Cancer in Gujarat?
  29.  What was the first Gujarati newspaper started by Gandhiji in India to empower the people of India in the movement for continuity .....
  30.  Which English language newspaper was first started by Gandhuji in India to mobilize the people of Hin in the freedom movement?  .....
  31.  Where is Triphalavan developed in an attempt to increase the cultivation of Ayurvedic herbs?  .
  32.  Who is the first Gujarati woman to head the censor board of Hindi films?  ..
  33.  Name the famous Gujarati actress who played the role of 'Maa' in Hindi movies
  34.  Kashi's son was the first and last famous musician to perform in FIV?
  35.  Which district of Gujarat shares land with the states of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan?
  36.  Which brave woman from Gujarat defeated Shahbridan in the year 114?
  37.  How many years did it take to build Bhadra Fort (Ahmedabad) which is considered as a masterpiece of architecture ?.
  38.  Where in Ahmedabad is the Sami Baba Lului Mosque, a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity?
  39.  Which Gujarati film directed by Ketan Mehta got a place in the International Film Festival of India in the 19th century?
  40.  What is the motive behind the terrorist attack on Akshardham in Gandhinagar?
  41.  Gujarati actor Kiran Kumar's performance as a villain in which film will be memorable? .......
  42.  Asrani, a successful comedian of Hindi film, first acted in which Gujarati film?
  43.  Even if there was no lion in Gir Sanctuary, the forest area was famous for the diversity of which other wildlife? ......
  44.  What is the approximate weight of dugong fish found in the coastal areas of Gujarat?  .
  45.  Which bird found in Gujarat got the nickname 'Kasai' due to its habit of filling it with prey thorns? ...
  46.  By what name is the bird Chatak, popular among poets, known in Saurashtra?  ...........
  47.  In which month do Diwali horses or khanjan birds arrive in Gujarat to spend the winter?  .....
  48.  In which collection of poems did Zaverchand Meghani write songs about freedom and independence?
  49.  Who is the author of the Sanskrit poem 'Kumarpal Charitaram' which gives information about the Chalukya rulers of Gujarat?
  50.  What name did Gandhiji later give to Indulal Yakshik's 'Navjivan' and 'Satya' Samathik?  , ....
  51.  In 19th Gujarati language, which silent character was humiliated while expressing love for environment and nature?  ......

Gujarati GK questions Answer :

  • Revival and truth
  •  Amrutlal Seth
  •  Song Sethi
  •  Karmiranopravana (18 AD)
  •  Balwantrai c.  Thakor
  •  Hind Swaraj
  •  Maratha period
  •  Ahmedabad-Vadodara
  •  Dr.  Jivraj Mehta
  •  Upendra Trivedi
  •  Surat
  •  Dr. Madhukar Mehta
  •  Chinmay Dharekhan
  •  Dr.  Vikram Sarabhai
  •  Harmeet Desai
  •  Vikram Solanki
  •  Babubhai Panocha
  •  Nandlal Purohit
  •  Cheteshwar Pujara
  •  Rajkot
  •  Udayan Chinubhai
  •  Pankaj Advani
  •  Valit essay
  •  Maganbhai Prabhudas Desai
  •  Our heritage and splendor
  •  In the lamp of humanity
  •  Adil Mansoori
  •  Sanjeev's chariot
  •  Revival
  •  Young India
  •  Saputara
  •  Hopefully
  •  Nirupa Roy
  •  Kshemubhai Dwivedi
  •  Dahod
  •  The heroine
  •   7 Years
  •  Jamalpur
  •  Bhavani Bhavai
  •  Karmabhoomi
  •  Acid
  •  Parents
  •  Birdlife
  •  50 to 200 kg
  •  Milky Lotto
  •  Motido
  •  In the coming months
  •  Sindhudo
  •  Misconduct
  •  Revival
  •  Saad

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